• Brunelleschi Duomo

    Art on the Arno

    The rich history of fine craft in Florence is inspiring a new generation of artists and patrons.
  • Nicki Green portrait

    Nicki Green

    Nicki Green on why the mikveh is perfect for exploring the intersection of her trans, queer, and Jewish identities.
  • Ellen Winner How Art Works book 1

    Your Brain on Art

    A new book by Ellen Winner argues that art can’t be defined – but it can be better understood by studying the psychological effects it has on viewers.
  • Rebecca Sive Chicago apartment

    Power Broker

    Author-activist Rebecca Sive advocates for women ceramists by collecting their art.
  • ACC Clay Tells All Graphic

    Clay Tells All

    In narrative works, 15 ceramists grapple with issues that have been with us forever – and those unique to the 21st century.
  • Simone Crestani, Glass Bonsai, 2017

    The Week in Craft: March 6, 2019

    Fabulous Mardi Gras masks, Meow Wolf's new hotel, a mini-documentary about makers redefining the knowledge economy, craft podcasts and more.
  • Forrest Lesch-Middelton tiles

    FLM Ceramics

    The secret behind the intricate patterns on FLM Ceramics’ wares.
  • Salvador Jiménez-Flores, Nopales Híbridos: An Imaginary World of a Rascuache-Futurism

    Stubborn Blooms

    Salvador Jiménez-Flores’ Nopales Híbridos: An Imaginary World of a Rascuache-Futurism.
  • Winnie Au, Ryder, cone by Marie-Yan Morvan

    The Week in Craft: February 27, 2019

    Creative cones of shame photographed by Winnie Au, MICA issues a formal apology for its racist past, the Met returns a stolen artifact, upcoming exhibitions, and more.