Apply: 2019 American Craft Shows

Apply: 2019 American Craft Shows

Applications for the 2020 show season open June 15. Sign up to receive notifications when our 2020 applications open.


2019 American Craft Shows


The American Craft Council’s four annual, juried craft shows convene a vibrant community of more than 1,500 of the country’s most talented craft artists – ranging from those just beginning their careers to masters in the field. Exhibiting artists represent the broad aesthetic, technical, and material diversity of the craft field, from age-old traditions to cutting-edge technologies. 

For information on eligibility, the application process, and show policies, read our full 2019 prospectus. We hope you will join us for what promises to be a spectacular season showcasing the highest quality craft in the country. 


“It’s been the best learning incubator for the growth of my work. . . . I feel like my business has grown tremendously, strictly because of the ACC family and community – not only the staff, but the customers – because they trust that name.” ~ Tara Locklear, jewelry artist

American Craft Shows

Call for applications

Deadline: August 15, 2018. $15 application handling fee*, plus $30 for each show selected.
Late deadline: August 19, 2018. A $25 fee will apply.

*Additional show applications submitted after payment will result in an additional application handling fee, please make sure to select all shows in which you wish to apply to.

Attendance and sales

American Craft Shows collectively reach nearly 50,000 craft enthusiasts and collectors in Baltimore, Atlanta, St. Paul, and San Francisco. Our attendees are a well-educated and design-savvy audience that appreciates and invests in craft. Annual artists' sales total more than $14.4 million.

Show information

For details on each of our four shows – including show dates, booth fees, and more – check out our show-specific pages:

American Craft Show in Baltimore (wholesale and retail shows)
American Craft Show in Atlanta
American Craft Show in St. Paul
American Craft Show in San Francisco

Note: The application process for Hip Pop, our emerging artists program is separate from this. It opens June 1 and has different deadlines.

Marketing support

American Craft Shows

ACC is dedicated to reaching broad and diverse audiences for our shows. Our public relations firms have a pulse on the local marketplace in each of our show cities and annually obtain 286 million media impressions (valued at more than $2.6 million) in national, regional, and local media. 

We also feature our artists’ work on the ACC website, in digital and print ads, on social media, in special show preview sections of American Craft magazine, in show directories, and on street and bus banners, billboards, and more.

Our special show programs, Make Room and Style Slam, connect artists with professionals in the interior design and fashion industries while helping show attendees better understand how to incorporate craft into their homes and wardrobes. Our Let’s Make Inspiration Stations bring the process of making right onto the show floor, giving attendees a glimpse of how the handcrafted objects at the show are created. Participation in these programs has also garnered media coverage, wholesale orders, and commissioning opportunities for our artists. 

"The ACC is such a unique organization. We take care of each other. American Craft Council is very different from a lot of other shows that are just about making money. This is about keeping the American craft dream alive. You feel like you’re part of the family, you have a lot of nurturing people, the staff is amazing - you’re not alone here." ~ Dennis Ray, jewelry artist

ACC also provides social media toolkits, tutorials, and mentors to make it easy for our artists to help promote their own businesses and the shows as a whole. Free and discounted passes are provided so you can welcome new and returning customers.

Grant Opportunity

Are you an emerging fiber artist or new to the American Craft Shows? We’re excited to announce the Randall Darwall Fiber Grant, a new opportunity created in honor of a longtime ACC show artist, to help you participate in our marketplace.


For questions about the show or application process, please email our show staff